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Quality, Quality, Quality.

We stand by a quality product irrespective of the project being completed. Be it a repair to an auger, construction of a stick rake, a stock standard or customised ute tray or canopy, our service is backed by our local community connection and need to excel in every aspect of our production. 

Stainless Steel
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Pingelly’s Own Aluminium and Stainless Steel Fabricator


When you need the very best in quality custom fabrication work, you know you’ve gotta keep it in the family. Jon McBurney and his father are the heart and soul of JMAC Engineering, providing an extremely professional and flexible service to those needing customised steel and aluminium fabrication around Pingelly, WA.


Picking out a team of friendly and qualified staff, their workshop has become a noted source of reliable machine repairs and standard pieces as well as fanciful custom jobs, personalised utes and other fine detail work. Passion for the craft is what drives JMAC engineering, and while the McBurneys are at the helm you won’t find a better place in the region for your aluminium and steel fabrication jobs.



Ready to take on any challenge in stainless steel fabrication


When you love what you do as much as the team at JMAC Engineering, there’s no job that’s too big or too small to take on. We’re deeply entrenched in our local community, and we love to see how even a simple fabrication job can make a huge difference to customers’ lives. We can repair damaged metal parts or fashion full replacements as required for your work, and we do it quickly and proficiently.


Every job we do at JMAC gets our full attention and our very best effort; we just don’t know any other way to do it. This dedication to quality and our craft has won us the trust and respect we enjoy within our community and beyond, and we look forward to it taking JMAC Engineering to even greater heights in the future.


Versatile and capable of whatever metalwork you need


As a small-town service provider, it’s important to us at JMAC Engineering that we be able to cover all areas of our trade, so people always have somewhere to turn to regardless of what work they need done. That’s why JMAC aren’t just aluminium fabricators or steel fabricators: we’re happy to handle both, and stainless steel to boot! Bring any metal fabrication jobs to us and enjoy our personal service and customer focus, as well as the great work that we do every day.


We’ll rebuild and customise ute trays and canopies to create your dream vehicle – talk to us about your ideas and we’ll discuss a plan to make those dreams a steel reality.


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To discuss the details of a custom job you need or to arrange a meeting, you can get in touch through our online contact form. You can also call our workshop on 0428 143 448 or send an email to