UTE Canopies

Have Your Ute Canopy Made Right in Pingelly


Ute canopies make a natural extension to the function of any open-tray vehicle. Strong, affordable and lightweight, aluminium is the best choice of material to make these canopies out of, and JMAC Engineering have earnt our reputation as the leading aluminium fabricators around Pingelly.


In fact, we have had customers driving in their utes from Perth or even further afield, seeking resilient, high-quality custom ute canopies to secure their vehicles. Be the next to benefit from our consistently stellar metalwork, precision design and great customer service – start yourself a conversation with JMAC Engineering ASAP.


Ute canopies make your vehicle and contents safe and secure


The humble, hardworking ute has become an enduring symbol of labour and trade in this country, the quintessential blue-collar vehicle. We love our utes for their capacity to carry tools, materials and equipment, and the toughness that lets them tackle back roads and rough farm trails without a pause. Adding a custom fabricated aluminium ute canopy only adds to the ute’s natural advantages. Since you can lock it up, you now have a secure way to store expensive tools and assets in the tray without worrying about loss and theft.


The added vertical space allows you to carry more with you, and the structure means you can compartmentalise the space if it helps your purposes. JMAC ute canopies are made to be waterproof and dust proof, ensuring your tools and equipment remain protected from the elements until you need them. And our customary powder coating is equally tough, keeping your ute looking good for longer in those tough conditions.


Up your ute game when you contact JMAC today


JMAC Engineering produce the highest-quality ute canopies in the region, working to custom fit vehicles of every make and model that customers can think to bring in. We’re able to help out so many different clients because we have the advantage when it comes to aluminium and stainless steel fabrication, with the most skilled team of metalworkers this side of Perth.


Take advantage of our good work and personalised customer service today by contacting us to book your ute for a canopy. Call the workshop on (08) 9887 1162 or email us at jmacengineer@gmail.com