UTE Trays

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Have you ever seen an incredible custom ute, online or in the field, and had it surprise you with extra features you don’t recognise from the stock model? Have you maybe wondered about what sorts of tools or functions you would put in your ute, given the chance: storage for those tools you always need access to, or maybe a mount for your bike or a specific piece of equipment.


Would you make better use of your vehicle if it had a custom ute canopy fitted to keep your cargo still, safe and secure against the elements? Well, JMAC Engineering are your local steel and aluminium fabricators, here to help make your custom ute trays from a hypothetical into reality. We’ve already helped tons of local drivers fix up their utes: check out our digital gallery of completed custom trays right now!


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These customised ute trays, sometimes the result of extensive modifications to the vehicle, are complex and demanding work. Nobody wants a botched job to ruin their ute, so the demands for all parts to fit neatly, coexist with the stock design and have the strength to last is exceptionally high.


JMAC Engineering, as the leading metal fabrication firm this side of Perth, combine a personal drive for success and quality with a commitment to providing great service for our local community. We can produce whatever parts are required to complete your dream custom ute trays, and provide expert advice where required to help the design fulfil your goals and needs.


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Key to JMAC Engineering’s ongoing success has been the sense of family at the core of our business. As a father and son team, JMAC are aware of how important passion and camaraderie are in the workplace, so we have fostered a strong relationship with our team. We know that we can promise the best and deliver, no matter the circumstances.


Have a custom ute tray made up by JMAC Engineering today –  call (08) 9887 1162 or email jmacengineer@gmail.com today to discuss your ideas for customisation and organise a time for the work.